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McCurdy, M.W.; Day, S.J.A.


NGR Reanalysis Project, 2009-2012.

Project Description

The Minerals component (MGM) of the Geo-Mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) Program is designed to increase geoscience knowledge of Canada's North and emphasizes the collection and release of data for mineral exploration and land-use planning.  Funds for reanalysis of archived samples were made available under this program.

Lake or stream sediments from the following areas were reanalysed and the new data have been published with the original analyses:


NTS Reanalysis Year Method of Reanalysis Original Data New + Original Data

46N, O, P

47A, B


GSC OFs 521, 522

(lake sediments Melville Peninsula, NU)

GSC OF 6269

54L, M

64I, P


GSC OFs 407, 408

(lake sediments Great Island – Seal River, MB)

GSC OF 6671/MGS OF 2010-3

77G, 78B

87E, H, 88A


GSC OF 4290

(stream sediments Victoria Island, NT and NU)

GSC OF 6622
64K, 64N, 64O 2010 ICP-ES/MS

GSC OFs 321, 322, 323

(lake sediments Kasmere Lake – Nueltin Lake, MB)

GSC OF 7309/MGS OF 2013-2
55M, 65P 2011 ICP-ES/MS, INAA

GSC OFs 416, 417

(lake sediments Baker Lake, NU)

GSC OF 6985
65A, B, C 2011 ICP-ES/MS, INAA

GSC OFs 413, 414, 415

(lake sediments Nueltin Lake, NU)

GSC OF 6986
75C, 75F 2012 ICP-ES/MS, INAA GSC OFs 324, 325 (lake sediments, Nonacho Basin,-East Arm area, NT) GSC OF 7232


MGS = Manitoba Geological Survey


Survey History

1NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 64K, Manitoba, 1975 (more)
2NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 64N, Manitoba, 1975 (more)
3NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 64O, Manitoba, 1975 (more)
4NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 75C, Northwest Territories, 1975 (more)
5NGR lake sediment survey, NTS 75F, Northwest Territories, 1975 (more)
6NGR lake sediments, NTS 64I and part of 54L, Manitoba, 1976 (more)
7NGR lake sediments, NTS 64P and part of 54M, Manitoba, 1976 (more)
8NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 65A, Nunavut, 1976 (more)
9NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 65B, Nunavut, 1976 (more)
10NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 65C, Nunavut, 1976 (more)
11NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 65P, Nunavut, 1976 (more)
12NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 55M, Nunavut, 1976 (more)
13NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 46N, 47B, central Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, 1977 (more)
14NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 46O, P, 47A, central Melville Peninsula, Nunavut, 1977 (more)
15NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 77G, 78B, 87E, H and 88A, Victoria Island, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, 1994 (more)

Project Funding

The Government of Canada is investing $100 million over five years (2008-2013) in its Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM) program to provide the geoscience knowledge necessary for private sector exploration companies to guide investment decision,  as well as for government to inform land-use decisions such as the creation of parks and other protected areas. GEM is being delivered federally by the Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) and the Polar Continental Shelf Project (PCSP), Earth Sciences Sector (ESS), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).  In some cases, provincial and territorial agencies have contributed funding to GEM projects.

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