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Gauthier, M.S. (2020). Manitoba till-matrix geochemistry compilation 4: visible gold grains in the heavy mineral (<2 mm; –10 mesh) size-fraction. Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development, Manitoba Geological Survey, Open File OF2020-6, 3 p.

Some or all of the raw data associated with this publication have been loaded into the "Canadian Database of Geochemical Surveys" and subsequently converted into easy-to-use MS Excel spreadsheets.  Follow the links in the "Survey Coverage" section below to determine exactly what data are available.

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Manitoba Geological Survey Publications ( LinkID=1238 more )
Link to download Open File OF2020-6, a compilation of 3291 till samples (from 16 projects) of which the heavy mineral (<2 mm; –10 mesh) size-fraction was analyzed for visible gold.

Survey Coverage

Index Survey
Multimedia survey, Operation Superior, NTS 53L, east central Manitoba, 1999. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/16, Farley Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1984. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/15, 16, Minton Lake-Nickel Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1983-1986. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/14, 15, Dot Lake-MacLellan Mine area, northwestern Manitoba, 1982-1985. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 63N/3, Kississing Lake area, west-central Manitoba, 1986, 1988, 1989. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64B/5, Darrol Lake area, northern Manitoba, 1987-1988. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64I/16, Seal River area, northern Manitoba, 1986. ( more)
Till and soil sampling survey, NTS 63K/15, /16, 63N/2, Elbow Lake area, west-central Manitoba, 1992. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64B/5, 12, Ruttan Mine area, northern Manitoba, 1985-1987. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64F/08, Le Clair Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1985. ( more)
Soil and till sampling, NTS 63K/16 and 63J/12, 13, Snow Lake area, west-central Manitoba, 1990-1991. ( more)
Till sampling survey and overburden drilling, NTS 62H, 52E, southeastern Manitoba, 1991-1992. ( more)
Till and soil sampling survey, NTS 62P/1, 52L/14, 52M/3, 4, southeastern Manitoba, 1992-1994. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64B, C, F, G, 63N, O, K, northwestern Manitoba, 1983-1988. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 63J, K, N, O, P, 64A, B, C, eastern Kisseynew belt, central Manitoba, 2007. ( more)
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