Liste de laboratoires

00000No laboratory was required
00001In-situ measurement
00002Unknown laboratory
00003Acme Analytical Laboratories Limited, Vancouver
00004Activation Laboratories Limited, Ancaster, Ontario
00005Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Ottawa
00018GSC: Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
00019GSC: Geological Survey of Canada personnel, in the field
00020Novatrack and AECL; responsibility of BC DEMPR
00021Novatrack Limited, Vancouver
00022Novatrack Analysts Limited, Vancouver
00023Responsibility of BC DEMPR
00024BC DEMPR; W.M. Johnson
00025WARD TSL, Manitoba Govt. Dept. of Environment
00026X-Ray Assay Laboratories, Toronto (XRAL)
00027Saskatchewan Research Council, Saskatoon
00028Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS-Géoressources)
00029Department of Mines and Energy, Geochemical Laboratory, St. John's, Newfoundland
00030Nuclear Activation Services Limited, Hamilton, Ontario
00031Becquerel Laboratories Inc., Mississauga, Ontario
00032Golder Associates, Ottawa, Ontario
00033CLIM Labs Ltd., Technical University of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS
00034Kamloops Research and Assay Laboratories, Kamloops, BC
00035Overburden Drilling Management, Ottawa, Ontario (ODM)
00036Lakefield Research, Lakefield, Ontario
00037GSC: Microprobe Laboratory, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
00038GSC: Analytical Chemistry Laboratory, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
00039GSC: Analytical Method Development Laboratory, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
00040Bondar Clegg and Company Limited
00041Chemex Labs Limited
00042GSC: Sedimentology and Mineral Tracing Laboratory, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
00043New Brunswick DNRE Geochemical Laboratory
00044Activation Laboratories Limited, Ancaster, Ontario (Becquerel Labs, Mississauga, Ontario)
00045CANTECH Laboratories, Calgary, Alberta
00046McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
00047INRS-Géoressources, Sainte-Foy, Quebec
00048OGS Geoscience Laboratories
00049Quebec Geoscience Centre Laboratories
00050Intertek Testing Services, Val d’Or, Quebec
00051Microprobe laboratory, Department of Earth Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa
00052Field Camp laboratory
00053I and M Morrison Geological Services, Delta, British Columbia
00054Canamera Geological Ltd., North Vancouver, British Columbia
00055Diamond Indicator Processing, Thunder Bay, Ontario
00056Canamera Geological Ltd/Diamond Indicator Processing
00057GSC/Canadian Museum of Nature
00058Multiple laboratories
00060GSC: Gamma Ray Laboratory, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
00061Industrial Waters Section, Mines Branch, Energy Mines and Resources, Ottawa
00062CF Mineral Research Ltd., Kelowna, British Columbia
00063Saskatchewan Research Council / CF Mineral Research Ltd.
00064Saskatchewan Research Council / ODM
00065Saskatchewan Research Council / Consorminex
00066Guelph Scanning Proton Microprobe (GSPM)
00067Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Natural Resources, Geochemical Laboratory
00068Bureau Veritas Minerals
00069Saskatchewan Geological Survey
00070GSC: Resource Geochemistry Subdivision Laboratories, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa
00071GSC Greenhouse
00081Chemex, Vancouver / GSC (CLAS), Ottawa, Ontario (1978/9)
00082Min-En Laboratories Limited, North Vancouver, British Columbia
00088GSC/Bondar Clegg sample preparation
00089GSC/Bondar Clegg chemical analysis
00090Saskatchewan Geological Survey
00092Consorminex Inc.
00093Canadian Centre for Material and Energy Technology (CANMET) Laboratory
00094IOS Services Geoscientifics, Chicoutimi Quebec
00095IOS Services Géoscientifiques, Chicoutimi, Quebec; Laval University Electron Microprobe
00096Overburden Drilling Management (ODM) / Lakefield Research Nepean Ontario, and Lakefield, Ontario.
00097DeBeers Kimlab, Kimberly, South Africa
00098DeBeers Geoscience Center, Johannesburg, South Africa
00099DeBeers Canada Exploration Laboratory, Sudbury, Canada
00906Barringer Magenta Limited, Calgary
00907Barringer Magenta Limited, Rexdale, Ontario
00908Barringer Magenta Limited, Toronto
00909Barringer Research Limited, Toronto
00910Barringer Research Limited, Whitehorse office
00911Bondar Clegg and Company Limited, Ottawa
00912Bondar Clegg and Company Limited, Ottawa (Becquerel)
00913Bondar Clegg and Company Limited, Vancouver
00914Bondar-Clegg and Company Limited, Gloucester, Ontario
00915Bondar Clegg and Company Limited, Whitehorse office
00916Chemex Labs Limited, North Vancouver, B.C.
00917Chemex Labs Limited, Vancouver
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