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Bingley, J.M.; MacNabb, B.E.; Richardson, G.G.


Nova Scotia Highlands regional geochemical surveys project, 1971-1978

Project Description

Between 1971 and 1978, regional stream sediment surveys were carried out in the highland areas of Nova Scotia: the Cobequid Highlands, the Antigonish Highlands and the Cape Breton Highlands.  These highland areas were selected as having the greatest potential for base metal mineralization.


Year Region
1971-1973 Cobequid Highlands
1974-1975 Antigonish Highlands
1973-1978 Cape Breton Highlands


Details of these surveys and related publications can be found in Nova Scotia Department of Mines and Energy Open File Report 90-017.

Survey History

1Stream sediment survey, NTS 11E, 21H, Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia, 1971-1973. (more)
2Stream sediment survey, NTS 11E, F, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia, 1974-1975. (more)
3Stream sediment survey, NTS 11F, K, Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, 1973-1978. (more)

Project Funding

Funding was provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Mines and the Canadian Department of Regional Economic Expansion (DREE).

In order to provide greater cohesion to its regional development efforts, the federal government created the Department of Regional Economic Expansion (DREE) in 1969, with the aim of promoting economic expansion and social adjustment in the disadvantaged regions of Canada. (from

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