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Bundle Description

NGR lake sediment analysis, Labrador 1982, parts of NTS 23G,H, atomic absorption spectroscopy (8 elements + As + Cd + Mo + V), cold vapour (Hg), LOI at 500C, uranium, fluorine, Chemex Labs Ltd, Vancouver.

These analytical data are published in GSC OF 903.

Sample Classification (Analytical)

IndexSample CountSurveySample TypePrep Lab MaterialControl RefUnknown SourceDuplicates count
77     Control Reference Unspecified Yes  No 
1413  NGR lake sediment and water survey, NTS 23G, H, west Labrador, 1982 (more) NGR lake sediment grab sample <177 micron (NGR) No  No  154 

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: Chemex Labs Limited

Name: Chemex (NGR lake sediment, 1982 samples) AAS (8+4), CVAAS (Hg), LOI500, U, ISE(F) (more)

Chemex (National Geochemical Reconnaissance), lake sediment; atomic absorption spectroscopy (8 elements: Zn, Cu, Pb, Ni, Co, Ag, Mn, Fe + Cd; air-acetylene flame, decomp: 4HCl 1HNO3) + atomic absorption spectroscopy (arsenic; hydride evolution) + atomic absorption spectroscopy (molybdenum, vanadium (dl=5ppm); nitrous oxide-acetylene flame) + atomic absorption spectroscopy (mercury; cold vapour) + LOI at 500°C + neutron activation-delayed neutron counting (uranium - flux 8x1013 N/cm2/ s; dl=0.2ppm) + ion-selective electrode (fluorine)

Analytical Suites:

1  Chemex (lake sediment) AAS (Zn, Cu, Pb, Ni, Co, Ag, Mn, Fe, Cd; air acetylene flame) – 6ml, held for 2hrs
2  Chemex AAS (As; hydride evolution) (details not specified explicitly)
3  AAS (Mo,V (dl=5); nitrous oxide acetylene)
4  Chemex (lake and stream sediments) CVAAS (Hg)
5  Chemex (lake and stream sediments) LOI
6  Chemex (lake sediment) NADNC(U)-flux 8x1013, d.l.= 0.2ppm
7  Chemex (lake sediments) ISE (F)

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Zn_AAS    Zn  ppm 2  
2  Cu_AAS    Cu  ppm 2  
3  Pb_AAS    Pb  ppm 2  
4  Ni_AAS    Ni  ppm 2  
5  Co_AAS    Co  ppm 2  
6  Ag_AAS    Ag  ppm 0.2  
7  Mn_AAS    Mn  ppm 5  
8  Fe_AAS    Fe  percent 0.02  
9  Cd_AAS    Cd  ppm 0.2  
10  As_AAS    As  ppm 1  
11  Mo_AAS    Mo  ppm 2  
12  V_AAS    V  ppm 5  
13  Hg_AAS    Hg  ppb 10  
14  LOI    LOI  percent 1  
15  U_NADNC    U  ppm 0.2  
16  F_ISE    F  ppm 40  
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