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NGR BC ISE stream sediments and moss mats (F)

NGR British Columbia stream samples (sediments and moss mats), analysis by ion-selective electrode for F.

General Methodology:

Decomposition: Na2CO3 – KNO3 fusion; H2O leach.  Analysis: citric acid added and diluted with water; fluorine determined with specific ion electrode.  After Ficklin (1970).

Ficklin, W. H. (1970).  A rapid method for the determination of fluoride in rocks and soils, using an ion selective electrode.  U.S. Geol Surv Paper 700C p C186-C188.

Instrument: unstated

Sample material: solid

Sample weight: unstated

Analytical Technique:

Hierarchical classification

Technique >> Electrochemical techniques >> Potentiometry >> Ion-specific electrodes


Glass electrode

Analytical Decomposition:

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> Fusion >> Alkaline >> Carbonate + … >> Na2CO3-KNO3



Analytical Methods:

IndexMethod OrderMethod IDQuantityDetection Limit
1  5851     F_ISE  40

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  310     Chemex (NGR BC stream sediment and moss mat samples, 1988)
2  311     Barringer Magenta (NGR BC stream sediment and moss mat samples, 1989)
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