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Hodder, T.J. and Gauthier, M.S. (2018). Till composition of a sampling transect in the Lynn Lake area, northwest Manitoba (parts of NTS 64B12, 64C9, 11, 12, 14–16, 64F3, 4). Manitoba Growth, Enterprise and Trade, Manitoba Geological Survey, Open File OF2018-3, 21 p.

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Link to download a zip file containing the files for Manitoba Open File OF2018-3 (report, figures, data).

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Index Survey
Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/12, Laurie Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1984. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/16, Farley Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1984. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/15, 16, Minton Lake-Nickel Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1983-1986. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/14, 15, Dot Lake-MacLellan Mine area, northwestern Manitoba, 1982-1985. ( more)
Till sampling survey, NTS 64B/12, 64C, 64F/3, /4, Lynn Lake area, northwest Manitoba, 2017. ( more)
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