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McClenaghan, M.B.


Thompson nickel belt till project, central Manitoba, 2005-2006

Project Description

The Geological Survey of Canada has undertaken a study around the komatiite-associated Ni-Cu deposits in the northern Thompson Nickel Belt, central Manitoba to document the geochemical and indicator mineral signature of this deposit type.  The objective of the till sampling was to characterize this signature at the deposit- and camp-scale at varying distances down-ice and not to define the dispersal trains from each deposit.

Forty-nine archived splits of till samples originally collected in 1996 (GSC OF 3449/Manitoba Energy and Mines Open File 97-3) were reanalyzed with the new samples.

All of the geochemical data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 6005.  The indicator mineral data will be released in a subsequent open file.

Survey History

Index Survey
1 Till sampling, NTS 53, 63, central and northeastern Manitoba, 1996. ( more)
2 Till sampling survey, NTS 63J, O, P, Thompson nickel belt, central Manitoba, 2005-2006. ( more)

Project Funding

The project was funded by the Geological Survey of Canada through its Targeted Geoscience Initiative 3 (TGI-3) and Canadian Mining Industry Research Organization (CAMIRO) Project 04E01.

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