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Knight, R.D.


pXRF Borehole Studies

Project Description

Portable X-Ray Fluorescence devices were used to obtain geochemical data from drill cores obtained from several localities across Canada.  In some cases, the measurements were made on-site.  In others, the measurements were made on drill core at the GSC’s Tunney’s Pasture archive facility in Ottawa.  The following table lists the borehole locations, and the primary GSC Open File reference for each dataset.


GSC Open File Location Province / Territory
7085 Kinburn ON
7262 Spiritwood MB
7358 Standards paper na
7408 South Rae - Thelon NT
7607 East Arm NT
7651 Nanaimo BC
7855 Queensville ON
7918 High Park ON
7919 Aurora ON
7920 Clarington ON
7921 Purple Woods ON
7922 Warden ON



Survey History

1Kinburn borehole (more)
2Spiritwood borehole (more)
3Nanaimo boreholes (more)
4Greater Toronto boreholes (more)
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