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Liverman, D.


Northern Newfoundland till sampling survey and compilation project carried out in 1995

Project Description

Till samples were collected in the Buchans-Robert’s Arm Belt in northern Newfoundland in 1995.  It was part of a project which also involved compilation of existing information.  Geochemical data previously published in Newfoundland Department of Natural Resources Open File Nfld/2513 and Geological Survey of Canada Open File 2823 were compiled with the new 1995 data and published in Open File Nfld/2596.  In addition, 36 samples from GSC Open File 2823 were reanalyzed for comparison of analytical procedures.

Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 2E/5, 12 and 12H/8, northern Newfoundland, 1994. (more)
2Till sampling survey, NTS 12A, H, 2E, northern Newfoundland, 1995. (more)
3Till sampling and ice flow survey, NTS 12A/10, 15, 16, 12H/1), central Newfoundland, 1991 and 1992. (more)

Project Funding

Newfoundland Department of Natural Resources

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