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Hodder, T.J.


Lynn Lake Quaternary Project, Manitoba, 2017

Project Description

Quaternary geology fieldwork was undertaken by the Manitoba Geological Survey (MGS) from the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border to Leaf Rapids during the 2017 field season.  The purpose of this study was to:

1) conduct regional scale till sampling for geochemistry and kimberlite indicator mineral recovery

2) conduct paleo–ice-flow mapping to assist with reconstructions of the glacial dynamics of this region; and

3) compile and digitize all existing till geochemistry data.

The data are published Manitoba Geological Survey Open File OF 2018-3.

This open file also republishes data from surveys carried out in the Lynn Lake area between 1985 and 1991 as well as geochemical reanalysis data for the Nickel Lake* area:


Year NTS/Area MGS Publication


Farley Lake

OF 85-3

Nielsen and Graham


64C/15, /16

Minton Lake to Nickel Lake

OF 86-2

Nielsen and Fedikow



Dot Lake-MacLellan mine area


Nielsen and Fedikow



Laurie Lake


Nielsen and Conley



Survey History

Index Survey
1 Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/12, Laurie Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1984. ( more)
2 Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/16, Farley Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1984. ( more)
3 Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/15, 16, Minton Lake-Nickel Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1983-1986. ( more)
4 Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/14, 15, Dot Lake-MacLellan Mine area, northwestern Manitoba, 1982-1985. ( more)
5 Till sampling survey, NTS 64B/12, 64C, 64F/3, /4, Lynn Lake area, northwest Manitoba, 2017. ( more)

Project Funding

The project was funded by the Manitoba Geological Survey.  Over the years, the Survey was part of the following provincial Departments:

Manitoba Energy and Mines (1979-1999)*

Manitoba Industry, Trade and Mines (2000-2003)

Manitoba Industry, Economic Development and Mines (2004-2006)

Manitoba Science Technology, Energy and Mines (2006-2009)

Manitoba Innovation, Energy and Mines (2009-October 2013)

Manitoba Mineral Resources (2013-2015)

Manitoba Growth Enterprise and Trade (2016-2019)

Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development (2020- )

*note: years are approximate

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