Aqua regia (NGR-S)

Keyword Definition

The ‘standard’ NGR aqua regia digestion for stream sediments involves an initial overnight digestion by nitric acid at room temperature, followed by the addition of hydrochloric acid and digestion at 90°C.

[method #8]

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> Aqueous dissolution >> Acid >> Moderate Acid >> Aqua Regia (s.l.) >> Aqua regia (NGR) >> Aqua regia (NGR-S)



Category: Decomposition techniques

The different kinds of analytical decompositions have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “fusion”, “acid” Taken from the “Analytical_Decompositions_SHARED” database table.

Index Suite ID Suite Name
1  203     Chemex (lake and stream sediments) AAS (8 elements; air-acetylene) (NGR aqua regia #8)

Index Package ID Package Name
1  147     Chemex (URP lake sediment) AAS (8+Mo), CVAAS (Hg), COL (As), ISE (F), LOI
2  150     Chemex (URP lake sediment) AAS (8+Mo), CVAAS (Hg), COL(As), LOI (detailed description)
3  334     Chemex (URP lake sediment) AAS (8+Mo), COL (As), LOI (detailed description)
4  364     Chemex (URP lake sediment) AAS (8+Mo+As), LOI
5  365     Chemex (URP lake sediment) AAS (8+Mo+V+As), LOI
6  366     Chemex (URP lake sediment) AAS (8+Mo+As), ISE (F), LOI
7  390     Chemex (NGR stream sediment) AAS (8+3), cold vapour (Hg), COL (W), NADNC(U)
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