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Lahti, H., McCutcheon, S.R., Parkhill, M.A. (2003). Multi-element QPX B-horizon soil geochemical and geophysical profiles of Transects 5000 and 6000, Bathurst Mining Camp, Gloucester and Northumberland counties, New Brunswick. New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, Minerals Policy and Planning Division, Map Plate MP 2003-7B.

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NB DERD Geoscience Publications (PARIS) ( LinkID=1095 more )
Metadata page for MP 2013-7B (soil geochemical and geophysical profiles) with a link to 2 versions of the map plate: PDF CDR.

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Soil and biogeochemical survey, NTS 21P/5, 21O/8, 9, northern New Brunswick, 2001-2002. ( more)
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