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Parkhill, M.A., McClenaghan, M.B., Seaman, A.A., Pronk, A.G., Rice, J.M. (2015). Glacial stratigraphic, till geochemical, and indicator mineral studies at the Sisson W-Mo and Mount Pleasant Sn-W-Mo-Bi-In polymetallic deposits, southwestern New Brunswick. In TGI-4 – Intrusion Related Mineralisation Project: new vectors to buried porphyry-style mineralisation, N. Rogers (ed.). Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 7843, p. 293-316.

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Lithogeochemical, till, and stream sediment and water survey, Sisson deposit area, New Brunswick, 2011-2012. (more)
Till and bedrock survey, Mount Pleasant area, southwest New Brunswick, 2012 (more)
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