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Dyck, W., Campbell, R.A., Pelchat, J.C. (1978). Evaluation of He and Rn geochemical uranium exploration techniques in the “Key” Lake area, Saskatchewan. In Current Research Part B, R.G. Blackadar, P.J. Griffin, H. Dumych, E.R.W. Neale (eds). Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 78-1B, p. 39-44.

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Groundwater, lake sediment and water survey, NTS 74H, Key Lake area, northern Saskatchewan, 1977. (more)


1Evaluation of He and Rn geochemical exploration techniques in the Key Lake area, Saskatchewan; Campbell, R A; Dyck, W; Pelchat, J C; in, Current research: part B; R G, Blackadar; P J, Griffin; H, Dumych; E R W, Neale; Geological Survey of Canada. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 78-01B, 1978; pages 39-44 (more)-

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