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Doiron, A., Boisvert, É. (1999). Till geochemistry of the Sevogle area (NTS 21 P/04, west half), Northumberland and Gloucester counties, New Brunswick. New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy, Minerals and Energy Division, Open File 99-3, 139 p.

Some or all of the raw data associated with this publication have been loaded into the "Canadian Database of Geochemical Surveys" and subsequently converted into easy-to-use MS Excel spreadsheets.  Follow the links in the "Survey Coverage" section below to determine exactly what data are available.

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NB DERD Geoscience Publications (PARIS) ( LinkID=45 more )

Survey Coverage

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Till sampling survey, NTS 21P/4, northern New Brunswick, 1993. ( more)


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1 Till geochemistry of the Sevogle area (NTS 21 P/4W), Northumberland and Gloucester counties, New Brunswick / La géochimie des tills de la région de Sevogle (SNRC 21 P/4W), comtés de Northunberland et Gloucester, Nouveau-Brunswick; Doiron, A; Boisvert, É. New Brunswick Open File Report Vol. 99-3, 1999; 133 pages (4 sheets)(GSC Cont.# 1998245) ( more) -

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NB OF 99-3 ( FileID=383 download )
The files in the zip file represent a digital version of the appendices for Open File Report 99-3. Three formats are available:  ASCII, excel, dbase.
NB OF 99-3 text ( FileID=385 download )
New Brunswick OF 99-3 text + appendices (obtained from Mike Parkhill; text missing from OF 99-3 diskette).
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