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Thorleifson, L.H.


Central and northeastern Manitoba regional till sampling, 1996

Project Description

This project was initiated to sample till in the predominantly intrusive geological terrain separating the greenstone belts in the northern Superior province in northeastern Manitoba.  It is a complementary project to Manitoba Geological Services Branch’s (MGSB) Operation Superior, a program of multimedia geochemical sampling.  This project was designed to support the multimedia sampling by providing a reference set of data about regional till provenance and geochemistry, as well as indicator mineral frequency and chemistry.  The low density till sampling (40 km spacing) was conducted by the Geological Survey of Canada and MGSB and provided a regional framework for interpretation of the data from the more detailed multimedia Operation Superior.  The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 3449/Manitoba Energy and Mines Open File 97-3.

Survey History

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1 Till sampling, NTS 53, 63, central and northeastern Manitoba, 1996. ( more)

Project Funding

Geological Survey of Canada; Manitoba Department of Energy and Mines, Geological Services Branch

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