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Hornbrook, E.H.W.; Skinner, R.G.


Winter Works Program, Timmins - Val d’Or, Ontario and Quebec, 1971-1972

Project Description

As part of the Federal Winter Special Employment Program, two drilling projects were carried out in the winter of 1971-1972 (December to April).  The objectives of the project were:

  • to evaluate aspects of exploration geochemistry in the clay belt environment of this region
  • to provide data useful for mineral exploration
  • to provide winter employment within the area
  • to test, compare and apply drilling techniques for mineral trancing in areas of thick overburden (Cobra vs rotary drilling)


  Area Description GSC Publication
I Timmins to Val d’Or Regional lake bottom sampling* Open File 112

Nighthawk Lake, ON

Lac Abitibi, QC

Lac Pelletier, QC

Lac Macamic, QC

Detailed till and lake bottom sampling* Open File 112

Duprat, QC

Duparquet, QC

Frederickhouse, ON

Harricanaw-Amos, QC

Mattagami Esker, QC

Munro, ON

Normétal, QC

Rivière-Héva, QC

Timmins Airport, ON

Vasan-Deshaies/Siscoe, QC

Rotary drilling for till and bedrock samples

Open File 116

Open File 945 (gold content for selected till samples)

Kamiskotia-Jameland, ON

(pilot project)

Rotary drilling for till and bedrock samples GSC Open File 116 supplement
Larder Lake Cobra drilling for till and bedrock samples GSC Open File 116

* Limited access, poor ground mobility and adverse winter conditions made it impossible to obtain the desired uniform distribution and density of sample sites.  At many sites, contamination was observed due to mine workings, but contamination is not necessarily recognized in the winter so it may have been present, but not recorded.  Therefore, due to the variable density and problem of contamination, careful consideration must be given to these data prior to follow-up work.

Survey History

1Lake sediment and till sampling, NTS 31M, N, 32C, D, 42A, 41P, Timmins - Val D’Or area, Ontario and Quebec, 1971-1972. (more)
2Till and bedrock survey, Timmins to Val d’Or Ontario and Quebec, 1971-1972. (more)

Project Funding

Special Employment Plan of the Federal Winter Works Program

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