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Minning, G.V.


Lake of the Woods region, northwestern Ontario till sampling survey, 1986-1989

Project Description

Glacial geological mapping and drift prospecting were conducted in the Lake of the Woods area to aid exploration for gold and base metals.  Some of the main objectives of the project were to define abundances and dispersal patterns of selected rocks, mineral and trace elements in till, the principal Quaternary deposit used for drift prospecting studies; to define till geochemical anomalies; and to identify other characteristics of Quaternary drift which could be applicable to waste disposal, ground water studies and aggregates.  The data are published in GSC Memoir 436.

Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 52E, F, Lake of the Woods region, northwestern Ontario, 1986-1988. (more)

Project Funding

Canada - Ontario Mineral Development Agreement (1985-1990), a subsidiary agreement under the Economic and Regional Development Agreement.

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