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Bernier, M.A.


Swayze Greenstone Belt Surficial Sediment Project, Ontario, 1992-1994

Project Description

A multiyear project of till sampling and surficial geologic mapping was carried out in an area covering the Swayze greenstone belt, northern Ontario.  The overall objective of this program was to provide the regional Quaternary framework for mineral exploration using glacial drift.

The following reports and maps were published by the Ontario Geological Survey:


Sampling Year NTS OGS Publication
1992 42B/1

Miscellaneous Paper 160

P Series Map 3323

Miscellaneous Release Data MRD-15

1993 41O/10, 41O/15

Miscellaneous Paper 162

Open File Report 5898

Miscellaneous Release Data MRD-12

Miscellaneous Release Data MRD-15

P Series Maps 3264 and 3265

1994 41O/9, 41O/16

Miscellaneous Paper 163

P Series Map 3324 and 3325

Miscellaneous Release Data MRD-15



Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 42B/1, Foleyet area, northern Ontario, 1992. (more)
2Till sampling survey, NTS 41O/10, /15, northern Ontario, 1993. (more)
3Till sampling survey, NTS 41O/9, /16, northern Ontario, 1994. (more)

Project Funding

Canada Ontario Subsidiary Agreement on Northern Development (1991-1995).

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