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Nielsen, E.


Manitoba MDAs, Lynn Lake area, 1984-1989

Project Description

Till geochemical investigations in the Lynn Lake area were initiated under the Canada-Manitoba Interim and Mineral Development Agreement 1984-1989 to evaluate till as a medium for geochemical exploration.  Detailed till sampling was carried out around known mineral occurrences to determine the distance and mode of glacial transport, deposition, geochemical characteristics of the till, sample spacing and analytical procedures.


Area Sampling Year Open File
Farley Lake 1984 OF85-3
Minton Lake-Nickel Lake ~ 1983 OF86-2
Dot Lake-MacLellan Mine 1982-1985 OF87-2


Survey History

1Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/16, Farley Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1984. (more)
2Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/15, 16, Minton Lake-Nickel Lake area, northwestern Manitoba, 1983-1986. (more)
3Till sampling survey, NTS 64C/14, 15, Dot Lake-MacLellan Mine area, northwestern Manitoba, 1982-1985. (more)

Project Funding

Canada - Manitoba Mineral Development Agreement (1984-1989)

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