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Coker, W.B.


Sisson Brook area soil and till sampling, central New Brunswick, 1982-1983

Project Description

In 1982 and 1983, a surficial geology and overburden geochemistry survey was carried out on the Sisson Brook Mining Licence in central New Brunswick where three zones of W-Mo-Cu mineralization have been identified.  The survey was carried out to outline new areas of potential mineralization by identifying new surficial geochemical anomalies and by explaining previously identified soil geochemical anomalies.  To achieve these goals, an understanding was needed of the direction of glacial movement and relative distance of glacial transport; and the distribution and dispersal patterns both horizontally and vertically of the trace elements in the overburden.  The study is described in Journal of Geochemical Exploration v.28.

Survey History

1Soil and till sampling, NTS 21J/06, Sisson Brook area, central New Brunswick, 1982-1983. (more)

Project Funding

Kidd Creek Mines Ltd.

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