Powder D-C Arc

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Category: Analytical techniques

The different kinds of analytical techniques have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “AAS”, “FA-NA”. Taken from the “Analytical_Techniques_SHARED” database table.

Index Suite ID Suite Name
1  578     GSC atomic emission spectrography: Ag, B, Co, Cr, Mn, Ni, Sn
2  719     GSC: direct-reading emission spectrophotometry (20 elements)
3  726     GSC atomic emission spectrography: Ag, Ba, Co, Cr, Mn, Ni, Sn
4  734     GSC: emission spectrography (26 elements)
5  735     GSC: DROS, lithium tetraborate fusion
6  736     GSC: DROS, raw powders

Index Package ID Package Name
1  272     GSC spectrography (including B) and colorimetry
2  344     GSC Resource Geochemistry lake sediment analysis, Bear-Slave Operation
3  349     GSC spectrography (including Ba) and colorimetry
4  351     Atomic emission spectrography of heavy mineral concentrates
5  352     GSC lithogeochemical analysis of 22 elements
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