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Category: Analytical techniques

The different kinds of analytical techniques have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “AAS”, “FA-NA”. Taken from the “Analytical_Techniques_SHARED” database table.

Index Suite ID Suite Name
1  382     GSC (surface water) Barnstead Analyser (C-org, dl=0.2 ppm)
2  395     Gov't., Dept. of Environment (surface water) radiometer (conductivity)
3  567     GSC/Ottawa Sed Lab soil conductivity measurement
4  710     GSC (surface water) Barnstead Analyser (C-org, dl=1 ppm)
5  732     EMR: Mines Branch, Industrial Waters Section – specific conductance of water (no details given)

Index Package ID Package Name
1  264     GSC Sed Lab pH and conductivity measurement
2  295     Manitoba Gov't., Dept. of Environment(NGR surface water) (Fe dl = 20 ppb)
3  340     GSC / Resource Geochemistry, surface water, organic carbon (dl= 1 ppm)
4  350     EMR surface water analysis
5  384     GSC (NGR surface water) AAS (7)), U, C-org, Cl, Br, NO3, SO4, PO4, F, pH, alk
6  389     Manitoba Gov't., Dept. of Environment (NGR surface water) (Fe dl = 30 ppb)
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