Generic sandstone

Keyword Definition

Sedimentary rock in which less than 30 percent of particles are greater than 2 mm in diameter (gravel) and the sand to mud ratio is at least 1.

SLTTs 2004; Neuendorf et al. 2005; particle sizes defined from Krumbein phi scale (W C Krumbein & L L Sloss, Stratigraphy and Sedimentation, 2nd edition, Freeman, San Francisco, 1963; Krumbein and Pettijohn, 1938, Manual of Sedimentary Petrography: New York, Appleton Century Co., Inc.)

Parents: Sedimentary rock (234)

Children: Sandstone (56)

[Description taken from GeoSciML SimpleLithology201012.rdf]

Hierarchical classification

Sample >> Lithosphere >> Rock >> Whole >> Rock >> Sedimentary >> Generic sandstone



Category: Analysed material

The different kinds of sample material collected in the field have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “till”, “soil”, “vegetation”. Taken from the “Sample_Types_SHARED” database table.

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