NGR stream sediment (stream sediment)

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NGR stream sediment

At each site a pre-labelled Kraft paper bag (12.5 cm x 28 cm with side gussets) was two-thirds filled with silt or fine sand collected from the active stream channel. In practice, the silt sample was collected after water sample were collected but before any bulk sediment sample. Commonly, the sampler collected handfuls of silt from various points in the active stream channel while moving gradually upstream. If the stream channel consisted of clay or coarse materials from which suitable sample was scarce or absent, a moss mat sample might be collected.

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Null >> Null >> Null >> Sample >> Lithosphere >> Unconsolidated >> Terrestrial >> Fluvial >> Stream sediments >> Channel >> NGR stream sediment



Category: Analysed material

The different kinds of sample material collected in the field have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “till”, “soil”, “vegetation”. Taken from the “Sample_Types_SHARED” database table.

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