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GSC-NC-2000-MacQuoid Lake 55M Till, Diamicton and Glaciomarine Sediments GSC Electron Microprobe

Type: lab data

Bundle Description

Grains from I and M Morrison (picked from till samples of the MacQuoid Lake area (NTS 55M) were probed for 12 major and minor oxides using the electron microprobe laboratory at the Geological Survey of Canada. Other grains were probed for 15 major and minor oxides. A ZAF correction matrix was used in processing the data. Minerals were identified and classified (and reclassified) on the basis of chemical composition. Prefixes were added to some of the mineral classification to emphasize petrogenetically critical elements with threshold values based on classification of other GSC authors (Kerr et al., 1999, McClenaghan et al., 1999).

The data are published in GSC Open File 1575.

Analytical Package Description

Laboratory: GSC: Microprobe Laboratory, Geological Survey of Canada, Ottawa

Name: GSC electron microprobe (12 or 15 oxides) (more)

Geological Survey of Canada electron microprobe. Indicator minerals are probed for various major and minor element oxides.

Analytical Suites:

1  GSC electron microprobe (12 or 15 oxides)

Analytical Methods:

IndexColumn NameSuite OrderMethod OrderSuite RepeatQuantityUnitsDetermination Limit
1  Al2O3    Al2O3  percent  
2  As2O3    As2O3  percent  
3  CaO    CaO  percent  
4  CoO    CoO  percent  
5  Cr2O3    Cr2O3  percent  
6  FeO    FeO  percent  
7  K2O    K2O  percent  
8  MgO    MgO  percent  
9  MnO    MnO  percent  
10  Na2O  10    Na2O  percent  
11  Nb2O5  11    Nb2O5  percent  
12  NiO  12    NiO  percent  
13  SiO2  13    SiO2  percent  
14  SO3  14    SO3  percent  
15  TiO2  15    TiO2  percent  
16  V2O3  16    V2O3  percent  
17  ZnO  17    ZnO  percent  
18  Total  18    Total Oxides  percent  
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