Keyword Definition

Mixture of hydrochloric acid and potassium chlorate.  The reaction of chloride and chlorate generates chlorine at a relatively low temperature, thus producing a highly oxidizing environment capable of dissolving many elements of interest and without the loss of potentially volatile elements such as arsenic and antimony.

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> Aqueous dissolution >> Acid >> Moderate Acid >> HCl + … >> HCl-KClO3



Category: Decomposition techniques

The different kinds of analytical decompositions have been classified hierarchically. Examples: “fusion”, “acid” Taken from the “Analytical_Decompositions_SHARED” database table.

Associated Analytical Suites:

IndexSuite IDSuite Name
1  17     Chemex/TSD 63 micron AAS (antimony)

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  10     Chemex / TSD 63 micron (1)
2  34     Chemex / TSD 63 micron (2)
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