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Till sampling survey, NTS 48E, F, G, H, 58E, F, G, H and 59A, B, Devon Island, Nunavut, 1993-1994.

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Survey Description

225 till samples were collected in the course of surficial mapping on Devon Island in 1993-1994.  Most till samples were collected from hand-dug pits, at a depth of 20-30 cm in the centres of patterned ground cells (i.e. sorted and non-sorted circles, nets, stripes etc.).  Only those areas accessible to ground traversing were sampled.  The interior of the study area was not well sampled.  The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open File 3907.

Data Description:

Paper report and data diskette.

Quantities Analysed:

<0.002 mm fraction for 34 elements by ICP-AES after an aqua regia digestion.

Geochem Maps Available:


Publication History

Index Publication
1 Dyke, A.S., Hooper, M.J.G. (2000). Till geochemistry, Borden and Brodeur peninsulas of northern Baffin Island and Devon Island. Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 3907, 15 pages + diskette. (more)

Project History

Index Year Project
1 1988-2000 Northern Baffin Island and Devon Island till surveys, 1988-1991 and 1993-1994 (more)

Geographic Extent

Minimum Latitude Maximum Latitude Minimum Longitude Maximum Longitude
74.4° 77° -98° -80°

The geographic extent of the survey is defined by the following polygons:

  • Covers parts of NTS 48E, F, G, H, 58E, F, G, H and 59A, B on Devon Island, Nunavut.  It is bounded to the south by Lancaster Sound, to the west by Wellington Channel and to the northeast by Jones Sound.

  • Covers part of NTS 58F/12 on Griffith Island, Nunavut.  It is located in Barrow Strait, south of Cornwallis Island

  • Covers part of NTS 68E/10, Lowther Island, Nunavut.  It is located in Barrow Strait, southwest of Cornwallis Island.


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