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Alluvial heavy minerals



Heavy mineral sampling survey, NTS 31H/1, 21E/4, 10, 15, 21O/14, 21B/2, 3 22B/11, 16 and 22A/13, Quebec, 1980.

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Survey Description

In 1980, a heavy mineral sampling survey was conducted in 5 zones with high potential mineralization of tungsten:

-  Granit aureole Stanhope

-  St. Roberts Metals

-  Matapedia alteration hydrothermal zones

-  Rivière à la Truite

-  Metamorphic aureole Mounts McGerrigle

The area covers 275 km2.  A total of 143 stream samples were collected and panned.  Samples were analysed for Cu, Zn, Co, Mo, Ag, As, Sn and W.

The data are published in Open File DPV-782, Department of Energy and Resources, 1982.

Publication History

Index Publication
1 Cousineau, P.-A. (1982). Indices de tungstène dans les Appalaches du Québec, Québec. Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources, Dossier public DPV-782. (more)

Project History

Index Year Project
1 1980 Study on the tungsten mineral potentiel in Quebec, Quebec, 1980. (more)

Geographic Extent

Minimum Latitude Maximum Latitude Minimum Longitude Maximum Longitude
45° 48.9° -72.25° -65.875°

The geographic extent of the survey is defined by the following polygons:

  • Covers NTS 31H/1 (Lac Memphremagog), 21E/4 (Coaticook). The Stanhope granite aureole is located 145 km east of Montreal and 250 km south-southeast of Quebec city. This area is situated in Stanstead, Barnston, Barford and Hereford townships. It includes the city of Coaticook. It is bounded by latitudes 45° and 45°10' and longitudes 71°37' and 72°15'.

  • Covers NTS 21E/10 (Lac-Mégantic), /15 (La Guadeloupe). The Saint-Robert-Bellarmin area is part of J.A.G.Mines Ltd., located 40 km west of Lac-Mégantic city and 300 km west of Montreal. The region includes Marlow and Risborough townships. It is bounded by latitudes 45°30' and 45°45' and longitudes 70°30' and 70°39'.

  • Covers NTS 22B/11 (St-Jean-Baptiste-Vianney). The Rivière à la Truite area is situated 50 km southeast of Matane and 450 km east of Quebec city. The region is part of the Réserve provinciale de Matane and is located in the Cuoq and Lagrange townships. It is bounded by latitudes 48°36' and 48°40' and longitudes 67° and 67°08'.

  • Covers NTS 21O/14 (Menneval) and 22B/2 (Oak-Bay), /3 (Milnikek). The Matapédia region is situated in the Gaspé area. It is bounded by latitudes 47°51' and 48°09' and longitudes 66°38' and 67°29'.

  • Covers NTS 22B/16 (Mont Albert) and 22A/13 (Lac Madeleine). The Monts McGerrigle aureole area is located in Lesseps, Lemieux and Deslandes townships. Its center is situated 55 km southeast of Sainte-Anne-des-Monts and 930 km northeast of Quebec city. It is bounded by latitudes 48°47'30" and 48°54' and longitudes 65°52'30" and 66°05'.


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