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ODM sample disaggregation (2014-2015)

Sediment samples are separated by a combination of sieving/shaking, heavy liquid separation and ferromagnetic separation, in order to produce heavy mineral concentrates (HMCs) in several size fractions.  The methodology corresponds to the standard methodology employed by Overburden Drilling Management (ODM) in 2014-2015.

General Methodology:

Overburden Drilling Management indicator mineral grain separation. The sample is split into a series of fractions as a precursor to mineral grain identification. This procedure is the standard ODM (2014-2015) procedure.

A split from the bulk sample is disaggregated and screened with a 2 mm and 1 mm mesh respectively. Pebbles are screened from the > 2mm fraction and counted and classified. The < 1 mm fraction is pre-concentrated with respect to density using a shaker table. Samples are run twice through the shaking table and the concentrates are then panned, and gold grains are picked and counted. The table concentrate is then put through diluted methylene iodide (specific gravity of 3.2) and the heavy mineral concentrate (HMC) is collected. The HMC is ferromagnetically separated and the non-ferromagnetic heavy mineral concentrate (NFM-HMC) is screened to recover the 0.25-0.50 mm and 0.5-1.0 mm fractions to be sent to I.M. Morrison for indicator mineral picking. Samples with abundant indicator minerals in the < 1mm fraction are processed for heavy mineral concentrates directly by using diluted methylene iodide. The < 0.25 mm magnetic and non-magnetic fraction is micro-panned for gold. Pebbles are counted as they are being sieved and put into 4 broad classes; volcanics/sediments, granitics, limestone/carbonates and others).

(Description taken from Open File 6047)

1 Wt_Bulk_Rcvd The bulk sample is weighed when it is received by the laboratory
2 Wt_Archive A portion of the sample is separated, weighed and put to one side as an archival split.
3 Wt_Table_Split

The non-archived portion of the sample

[Wt_Bulk_Rcvd] = [Wt_Archive] + [Wt_Table_Split]

4 Wt_gt200 The “Table Split” portion of the sample is screened with a 2mm mesh.  The portion greater than 2mm is weighed.
5 Wt_Table_Feed

The <2mm fraction of the sample is run through a shaking table.

[Wt_Table_Split] = [Wt_gt200] + [Wt_Table_Feed]

6 Wt_lt200_Tot The weight of the table concentrate is recorded
7 Wt_lt025_Tot The sample is sieved to separate the <0.25 mm fraction.
8 Wt_lt025_Light The <0.25 mm fraction is subjected to heavy liquid (SG 3.2) separation
9 Wt_lt025_Hvy_Tot The heavy (SG > 3.2) portion of the <0.25 mm size fraction is weighed.
10 Wt_lt025_Hvy_Mag The heavy (SG > 3.2) portion of the <0.25 mm size fraction is ferromagnetically separated
11 Wt_lt025_Hvy_NonMag The weight of the magnetic heavy (SG > 3.2) portion of the <0.25 mm size fraction is recorded
12 Wt_025_200_Tot The weight of the > 0.25mm fraction is recorded
13 Wt_025_200_Light The 0.25-2.00 mm fraction is subjected to heavy liquid (SG 3.2) separation
14 Wt_025_200_Hvy_Tot The weight of the heavy (SG > 3.2) portion of the 0.25-2.00 mm size fraction is recorded
15 Wt_025_200_Hvy_Wash

The 0.25-2.00 mm fraction is washed with oxalic acid (C2H2O4), to remove any coatings adhering to the grains.  The weight of the material removed by washing is recorded.

16 Wt_025_200_Hvy_Mag_HMC The washed 0.25-2.00 mm grains are ferromagnetically separated.  The weight of the magnetic fraction is recorded.
17 Wt_025_200_Hvy_NonMag_Tot The weight of the non-magnetic fraction of the washed 0.25-2.00 mm grains is recorded, prior to sieving into three size fractions.
18 Wt_025_050_Hvy_NonMag The 0.25-0.50 mm fraction of the non-magnetic HMC
19 Wt_050_100_Hvy_NonMag The 0.50-1.00 mm fraction of the non-magnetic HMC
20 Wt_100_200_Hvy_NonMag The 1.00-2.00 mm fraction of the non-magnetic HMC


Instrument: unstated

Sample material: solid

Sample weight: unstated

Analytical Technique:

Hierarchical classification

Technique >> Physical techniques >> Mineral grain separation



Analytical Decomposition:

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> None



Analytical Methods:

IndexMethod OrderMethod IDQuantityDetection Limit
1  5756     Wt_Bulk_Rcvd 
2  5757     Wt_Archive 
3  5758     Wt_Table_Split 
4  5759     Wt_gt200 
5  5760     Wt_Table_Feed 
6  5761     Wt_lt200_Tot 
7  5762     Wt_lt025_Tot 
8  5763     Wt_lt025_Light 
9  5764     Wt_lt025_Hvy_Tot 
10  10  5765     Wt_lt025_Hvy_Mag 
11  11  5766     Wt_lt025_Hvy_NonMag 
12  12  5767     Wt_025_200_Tot 
13  13  5768     Wt_025_200_Light 
14  14  5769     Wt_025_200_Hvy_Tot 
15  15  5770     Wt_025_200_Hvy_Wash 
16  16  5771     Wt_025_200_Hvy_Mag_HMC 
17  17  5772     Wt_025_200_Hvy_NonMag_Tot 
18  18  5773     Wt_025_050_Hvy_NonMag 
19  19  5774     Wt_050_100_Hvy_NonMag 
20  20  5775     Wt_100_200_Hvy_NonMag 

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1  305     ODM HMC separation (2014-2015
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