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GSC field crew – soil permeability and radon

GSC field crew – measurement of soil permeability using a RADON-JOK apparatus.  Soil gas radon is also measured, and the two measurements are used to calculate the “soil radon potential”.

General Methodology:

Soil gas permeability is measured using the Radon-JOK apparatus.  The principle of the equipment consists of air withdrawal by means of negative pressure. Air is pumped from the soil under constant pressure through a specially designed probe with a constant surface of contact between the probe head and the soil. The constant active area is created in the head of the probe (driven into the soil to a measured depth) by the extrusion of the tip by means of the punch wire inside the probe by an exact distance. The special rubber sack, with one or two weights, pumps the air from the soil and allows one to perform measurements at very low pressures. The gas permeability is calculated using the known air flow through the probe, which is defined by the known air volume (= 2000 cm3) in the rubber sack (depression of the bottom of the sack between two notches) and by the pumping time measured.

The feasible range of measured gas permeability (k) is approximately from k = 10-11 m2 to k = 10-14 m2. The maximum detection limit (a measured time of 8 s corresponds to k = 1.4x10-11 m2) is determined by the resistance of the equipment, the minimum detection limit depends on the time spent in any given measurement (a measured time of 3600 s corresponds to k = 1.7 10-14 m2).


Sample material: solid

Sample weight: unstated

Analytical Technique:

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Technique >> Physical techniques


Mineral grain separation | Mineral identification | Density | Temperature

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Analytical Methods:

IndexMethod OrderMethod IDQuantityDetection Limit
1  2471     SRP_Avg 
2  2488     SRP_Min 
3  2489     SRP_Max 
4  2485     SRP_Rn_Avg 
5  2486     SRP_Rn_Min 
6  2487     SRP_Rn_Max 
7  2481     SRP_Perm_Avg 
8  2482     SRP_Perm_Min 
9  2483     SRP_Perm_Max 
10  10  2484     SRP_N_Obs 

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1  265     GSC field measurement of soil gas radon and permeability
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