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Chemex (lake and stream sediment) AAS (Ba; nitrous oxide)

Chemex, lake and stream sediment; atomic absorption spectroscopy (barium; nitrous oxide)

General Methodology:

Barium was determined as follows: A 0.25 g sample was heated with 5 ml concentrated HF, 5 ml concentrated HClO4 and 2 ml concentrated HNO3 to fumes of HClO4; 3 ml of concentrated HClO4 were added and heated to light fumes; 5 ml of water were added and the solution was transferred to a calibrated test tube and diluted to 25 ml with water.  Barium was determined by atomic absorption spectrometry using a nitrous oxide acetylene flame.

Instrument: unstated

Sample material: solid

Sample weight: 250 milligrams

Analytical Technique:

Hierarchical classification

Technique >> Spectroscopy >> Electromagnetic radiation >> Visible-ultraviolet >> Atomic >> Absorption >> Flame >> C2H2/N2O



Analytical Decomposition:

Hierarchical classification

Decomposition >> Aqueous dissolution >> Acid >> Strong Acid >> HF + … >> HF-HNO3-HClO4



Analytical Methods:

IndexMethod OrderMethod IDQuantityDetection Limit
1  1123     Ba_AAS  40

Associated Analytical Packages:

IndexPackage IDPackage Name
1  416     Chemex (NGR lake sediment) AAS (8+5), CVAAS (Hg), COL(W), LOI, NADNC (U-5**10)
2  417     Chemex (NGR stream sediment)  AAS (8+5), CVAAS (Hg), COL(W), LOI, NADNC (U-5**10)
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