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The text below is an exact reproduction of the original release notice, which was often unilingual.  It contains information that is not readily available elsewhere.  The information on pricing and availability is out of date.

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Geology of the Snow Lake-File Lake area, Manitoba; A.H. Bailes, A.G. Galley, K.A. Connors, 1 colour map/ carte en couleurs, scale/échelle 1:50 000.

Contribution to Canada-Manitoba Partnership Agreement on Mineral Development (1990-1995), a subsidiary agreement under the Canada-Manitoba Economic and Regional Development Agreement; Shield Martin NATMAP project; and Snow Lake EXTECH project/ Contribution à l’Entente de partenariat Canada-Manitoba sur l’exploitation minérale (1990-1995), entente auxiliare négociée en vertu de l’Entente Canada-Manitoba de développement économique et regional; Projet de la marge du Bouclier du CARTNAT; projet Snow Lake d’EXTECH.

Release date/Date de diffusion: 11h30 EST/HNE, 21 November/novembre 1994

Viewing/Consultation: Manitoba Department of Energy and Mines, Winnipeg

Sales/Distributeur: GSC/CGC, Ottawa; Manitoba Department of Energy and Mines, Winnipeg

Price/Prix: $15.00 (*$19.50)


{#1040, November 1994 circular}


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