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The text below is an exact reproduction of the original release notice, which was often unilingual.  It contains information that is not readily available elsewhere.  The information on pricing and availability is out of date.

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Geochemical orientation surveys for uranium in Southern British Columbia, by S.B. Ballantyne

This file was originally announced in the May, 1976 circular but due to technical difficulties could not be released on the stated date.

This file includes geochemical orientation surveys for uranium in four pilot study areas known to have uranium mineralization. Stream sediment and waters and lake sediment and waters were collected in the following areas:

          Fuki Donen Prospect Area (parts of NTS 82 E/7, 10)

          West of Beaverdell (part of NTS 82 E/6, 11)

          North of Grand Forks (part of NTS 82 E/1)

          Horsethief Creek and Forster Creek (parts of NTS 82 K/7, 9, 10)

Maps showing sample location sites and uranium concentration in the media collected area provided for each study area. A text with analytical data concerning the secondary dispersion of uranium and associated trace elements accompanies the open file.

This file will be placed on Open File for inspection from 1300 hours, Eastern time, December 20, 1976 (and equivalent local times) at the libraries of the Geological Survey in Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver.

Copies of the file are available at user's expense from Superior Reproductions and Printing, 1130 West Virginia, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6E 3J1.


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