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Allan, R.J., Timperley, M.H. (1974). Organic geochemistry of drainage systems. In Report of Activities Part A. April to October 1973, R.G. Blackadar (ed.). Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 74-1A, p. 47-48.


1Organic Geochemistry of Drainage Systems; Allan, R J; Timperley, M H; in, Report of activities part A. April to October 1973; Blackadar, R G. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 74-1A, 1974; pages 47-48 (more)-

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GSC Paper 74-1 Part A Report of Activities: Geochemistry (FileID=1001 download)
Geochemistry Section, Report of Activities, GSC Paper 74-1 Part A, pages 45-65 (several papers).  This PDF file is a digital version of the paper document.  The file was produced by scanning the original publication.
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