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Dyck, W., Cameron, E.M. (1975). Surface lake water uranium-radon survey of the Lineament Lake area, District of Mackenzie. In Report of Activities Part A, April to October 1974. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 75-1A, p. 209-212.


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1 Surface Lake Water Uranium-Radon Survey of the Lineament Lake Area, District of Mackenzie; Dyck, W; Cameron, E M; in, Report of activities part A, April to October 1974; Geological Survey of Canada. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 75-01A, 1975; pages 209-212 ( more) -

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GSC Paper 75-1 Part A Report of Activities (Dyck and Cameron) ( FileID=1006 download )
PDF version of Dyck and Cameron’s (1975) report on a uranium-radon survey of lake water in the Lineament Lake area.  The file was produced by scanning the original publication.
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