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Percival, J.B., Mudroch, A., Hall, G.E.M., Dunn, C.E. (1992). Geochemical studies in the Howe Sound drainage basin, British Columbia. In Current Research, Part A. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper 92-1A, p. 1-11.

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Water, marine sediment and biogeochemical survey, NTS 92G, Howe Sound, British Columbia, 1991 ( more)


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1 Geochemical Studies in the Howe Sound Drainage Basin, British Columbia; Percival, J B; Mudroch, A; Hall, G E M; Dunn, C E; in, Current Research, Part A, Cordillera and Pacific Margin / Recherches En Cours, Partie A, Cordillere Et Marge Du Pacifique; Geological Survey Of Canada. Geological Survey of Canada, Paper No. 92-01A, 1992; pages 1-11 ( more) -
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