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Darnley, A.G., Björklund, A., Bølviken, B., Gustavsson, N., Koval, P.V., Plant, J.A., Steenfelt, A., Tauchid, M., Xuejing, Xie (2005) A Global Geochemical Database for Environmental and Resource Management: Recommendations for International Geochemical Mapping, Final Report of IGCP Project 259. UNESCO Publishing, Earth Sciences 19, (revised electronic edition) 122 pp.

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IGCP Project 259 (International Geological Correlation Programme) (FileID=919 download)
The original report, published in 1995, and reprinted with minor revisions in 1996, was released as a revised electronic edition in 2005.  The electronic edition was prepared by Jacqueline Elsmore and Susan Davis in Ottawa, Canada.
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