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WC Property exploration project, western Nunavut, 1993-1997.

Project Description

The WC property is located in western Nunavut, approximately 50 km northwest of Contwoyto Lake.  It is jointly held by Benachee Resources Inc. and Snowpipe Resources Ltd.  Diamond exploration began in 1993 and consisted of airborne geophysics and reconnaissance till sampling.  Results from the initial work (1993-1995) indicate that much of the WC Property is covered by an extensive blanket of anomalous tills.  Further work was done in 1996-1997.

The data can be found in Nunavut Assessment Reports 083539and 083930.

Survey History

1Till sampling survey, Napaktulik Lake area, Nunavut, NTS 86I/2,3,6,7, Canamera Geological Ltd., 1996-1997. (more)
2Till survey, Napaktulik Lake area, NTS 86H, I, 76E, Nunavut and Northwest Territories, Canamera Geological Ltd., 1993-1994. (more)

Project Funding

Private industry – mineral assessment report

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