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British Columbia Ministry of Environment Soil Quality Program

Project Description

Soil sampling was carried out in 8 areas of British Columbia between 1994 and 1996: Cariboo, Kootenay, Lower Mainland, Omineca Peace, Skeena, Southern Interior, Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  The sampling is part of a larger program undertaken by the Contaminated Sites Unit of the British Columbia Ministry of Environment to determine meaningful “normal” contaminant concentrations in all regions of the province.  These background concentrations, in addition to being of scientific importance, will assist regulators in applying contaminated site remediation criteria.  These data will also establish base-line data which is necessary to detect long term trends and assess the adequacy of pollution controls.

Survey History

1Soil sampling, NTS 92P, 93A, southeast British Columbia, 1995. (more)
2Soil sampling, NTS 82F, G, J, K, N, southeast British Columbia, 1994. (more)
3Soil sampling, NTS 92G/1, 2, 3, 7, 14, southwest British Columbia, 1994. (more)
4Soil sampling, NTS 93G, J, K, P, 94A, east central British Columbia, 1995. (more)
5Soil sampling, NTS 93K, L, 103I, J, west central British Columbia, 1996. (more)
6Soil sampling, NTS 82E, L, 92H, I, south central British Columbia, 1995. (more)
7Soil sampling, NTS 92G/2, 3, 6, 7, the Greater Vancouver area, British Columbia, 1996. (more)
8Soil sampling, NTS 92B, F, G, K, 92L/12, /13 Vancouver Island, British Columbia, 1994. (more)

Project Funding

British Columbia Ministry of Environment

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