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Bond, J.D.


Anvil district, Yukon till sampling survey, 1998-1999

Project Description

Detailed surficial geological mapping and a till geochemistry survey were conducted over 5 1:50 000-scale map sheets in the Anvil district of central Yukon in 1998-1999.  The project was part of a multidisciplinary study of this lead-zinc camp which includes the large Faro deposit.  It was commissioned upon closure of the Faro mine in 1998 to capture and synthesize current geological knowledge in the district in order to provide the best possible database for future exploration and assessment of mineral potential.  This project examines the utility of till geochemistry as a method to trace mineralized soil/till samples back to their source rocks in the area.  Drift prospecting is an exploration technique that has been used minimally in Yukon and this project demonstrates that it can be an effective tool for detection of massive sulphides buried beneath thick overburden.  The data are published in Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Bulletin 11.

Survey History

1Till sampling, NTS 105K, Anvil district, central Yukon, 1998-1999. (more)

Project Funding

Yukon Geology Program (Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development and the Yukon Government Department of Economic Development)

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