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Coker, W.B.; DiLabio, R.N.W.


Northwest Manitoba peat sampling, 1979

Project Description

Research in northwest Manitoba began in response to the discovery of an uraniferous spring waters in a bog in a small drainage system where recent lake sediments and lake water are enriched in U and where airborne radiometric anomalies are strong.  Two peat bogs 2 km apart were sampled in a preliminary program and found to contain highly elevated U.  The sampling program was expanded to include bogs in background areas and bogs adjacent to four types of sub-economic U occurrences.  The purpose of the sampling was to relate the geochemistry of peat to that of lake sediments, drift and bedrock; and, to evaluate peat as a sampling medium for detailed exploration in permafrost terrain where outcrops are sparse.  A description of the study can be found in Prospecting in Areas of Glaciated Terrain – 1982.

Survey History

1Peat sampling, NTS 64C, northwest Manitoba, 1979. (more)

Project Funding

Geological Survey of Canada

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