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Ballantyne, S.B.; Nordin, G.D.


Northern British Columbia 1978 NGR stream and lake sediment and water surveys

Project Description

Two NTS sheets in northern British Columbia (104O, P) were surveyed covering an area of 25 900 km2.  All of the samples collected were from streams except for a few lakes in map sheet 104O.  The data were published in GSC Open Files 561 (104O) and 562 (104P) in 1979.  The Open Files were revised and re-released in 1980 with the addition of data for uranium in waters.

Survey History

1NGR stream and lake sediments and waters, NTS 104O, northern British Columbia, 1978 (more)
2NGR stream sediment and water survey, NTS 104P, northern British Columbia, 1978 (more)

Project Funding

Canada - British Columbia Agreement on a Uranium Reconnaissance Program

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