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McMartin, I.; Dredge, L.A.


Western Churchill Metallogeny Project, Quaternary component, 2002-2005

Project Description

The Quaternary geology component of the Western Churchill Metallogeny Project was designed in part to establish a regional framework for interpreting the ice-flow history of the Wager Bay and Schultz Lake areas, and to provide basic information on the composition of the till.  The field program involved helicopter-assisted ground work, including surficial geology mapping, till sampling and measuring of ice-flow indicators.  The data are published in Geological Survey of Canada Open Files 5014 (Wager Bay) and 5312 (Schultz Lake).

Survey History

1Till sampling, NTS 56G, Wager Bay area, central Nunavut, 2004. (more)
2Till sampling, NTS 66A, central mainland Nunavut, 2003-2004. (more)

Project Funding

Geological Survey of Canada - Northern Resources Development Program

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