Métadonnées de forfait analytique

Becquerel (NGR) INAA Au reproducibility test  (cut off 8 ppb)

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Description du forfait analytique

Laboratoire: Becquerel Laboratories Inc., Mississauga, Ontario

To provide additional information on gold data, samples with INAA gold concentrations greater than or equal to 8 ppb were rerun by splitting the irradiated material into two portions, each of which was re-irradiated and counted.  Two additional analyses returning similar values suggest a finely divided and/or organically bound source for the gold.  Two splits with distinctly different values probably contain larger gold grains unequally distributed throughout the original sample (the “nugget” effect).

[description taken from GSC OF 3716]

Suites analytiques

1  Becquerel (lake or stream sediment) INAA (Au + Wt) ( First of two splits )
2  Becquerel (lake or stream sediment) INAA (Au + Wt) ( Second of two splits )

Méthodes analytiques

IndexNom de la colonneClassement de la suiteClassement de la méthodRépétition de la suiteSubstanceUnitésLimite de détermination
1  Au_INA_1    Au  ppb2  
2  Wt_INA_1    Wt  gramme  
3  Au_INA_2    Au  ppb2  
4  Wt_INA_2    Wt  gramme  

Faisceaux analytiques associés

IndexID du faisceauNom du faisceauAnnée
1  210886     RNG-0214-1978-NU-LS-2   1999
2  210889     RNG-0215-1978-NU-LS-2   1999
3  210892     RNG-0216-1978-NU-LS-2   1999
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