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Open File 2184

Open File:  2184
Previous OF publication(s):  
Province / Territory:  British Columbia
Funding Source:  Federal and Provincial
Year of Collection:  1989

Survey Type:  Regional Stream Survey
# Lake sites:  0
# Stream sites:  922
Survey Area:  13051 km²
NTS Sheet(s):  092G

Geological Survey of Canada (GSC) Open File 2184 / British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources (BCMEMPR) Regional Geochemical Survey (RGS) 26 presents analytical data for 21 elements in moss-mat or stream sediments from 855 sample sites, and statistical data for 922 sites, collected at an average density of one sample per 14.2 km². Loss-on-ignition in sediments, and uranium, fluoride, and pH values in waters from 855 sites are included in this report.

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Analytical Data

variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
AntimonyHY-AAS0.2 ppm1989
ArsenicHY-AAS1 ppm1989
BismuthHY-AAS0.2 ppm1989
CadmiumAAS0.2 ppm1989
ChromiumAAS5 ppm1989
CobaltAAS2 ppm1989
CopperAAS2 ppm1989
FluorineISE40 ppm1989
GoldFA-AAS2 ppb1989
IronAAS0.02 pct1989
LeadAAS2 ppm1989
Loss-on-ignitionGRAV0.1 pct1989
ManganeseAAS5 ppm1989
MercuryCV-AAS10 ppb1989
MolybdenumAAS1 ppm1989
NickelAAS2 ppm1989
SilverFA-AAS0.1 ppm1989
TinAAS1 ppm1989
TungstenCOL1 ppm1989
UraniumNADNC0.5 ppm1989
VanadiumAAS5 ppm1989
ZincAAS2 ppm1989
variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
FluorideISE20 ppb1989
UraniumLIF0.05 ppb1989
pHGCM 1989


The regional stream survey of the Vancouver, British Columbia map sheet (NTS 92G) was conducted by the BCMEMPR and was funded in part by the Canada - British Columbia Mineral Development Agreement (1985-1990).

Program activities were managed by BCMEMPR staff P.F. Matysek (Program Manager), J.L. Gravel (Program Geochemist), and W. Jackaman (Program Co-ordinator).

Contracts were let to the following companies for sample collection, preparation and analysis.

Contractor and supervisor details for sample collection
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:M.P.H. Consulting, Ltd., Toronto, ON
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Rossbacher Laboratories Ltd., Burnaby, BC
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Barringer Laboratory (Alberta), Ltd., Calgary, AB

Other information:

Data for sites in provincial parks and Greater Vancouver watersheds were excluded from the analytical data set, but included in statistical calculations.

Au detection btw 1 and 2 ppb depending on sample weight.

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