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Open File 1959

Open File:  1959
Previous OF publication(s):  1288, 1287
Province / Territory:  Manitoba
Funding Source:  Federal and Provincial
Year of Collection:  1970

Survey Type:  Regional Lake Survey
# Lake sites:  400
# Stream sites:  0
Survey Area:  4354 km²
NTS Sheet(s):  064B, 064C

The regional lake survey for Lynn Lake - Leaf Rapids (parts of NTS 64B and 64C ) was conducted during the summers between 1983 and 1988 .

This report presents analytical data for up to 20 elements plus loss-on-ignition in lake sediments from nearly 400 sample sites, collected at an average density of one sample per 4.2 km². Surface lake waters were analyzed for up to 12 elements inlcuding uranium, fluoride, and pH values and are included in this report.

location map for Open File 1959
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Analytical Data

variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
ArsenicAAS1 ppm1983
BariumDCP-ES40 ppm1983
CobaltAAS1 ppm1983
CopperAAS1 ppm1983
Gold?2 ppb1983
LeadAAS1 ppm1983
Loss-on-ignitionGRAV1 pct1983
MercuryAAS10 ppb1983
MolybdenumAAS2 ppm1983
NickelAAS1 ppm1983
SilverAAS0.2 ppm1983
TinAAS1 ppm1983
Tungsten?2 ppm1983
UraniumNADNC0.5 ppm1983
VanadiumAAS5 ppm1983
ZincAAS1 ppm1983
variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
ArsenicICP0.05 ppm1983
BariumICP0.1 ppm1983
CalciumICP0.2 ppm1983
FluorideISE20 ppb1983
LeadICP0.05 ppm1983
MagnesiumICP0.02 ppm1983
ManganeseICP0.01 ppm1983
MercuryICP0.01 ppm1983
SodiumICP1 ppm1983
StrontiumICP0.01 ppm1983
Total AlkalinityTIT2 ppm1983
UraniumLIF0.05 ppb1983
pHGCM 1983


The reconnaissance surveys were managed by the Geological Survey of Canada unde the auspices of the Canada - Manitoba Mineral Development Agreement (1984-1989).

H.R. Schmitt designed and caried out the infill geochemistry survey.

E.H.W. Hornbrook and P.W.B Friske directed the survey.

A.C. Galletta, H.A. Gross and F. Williams assisted with open file production.

C.A. Kaszycki provided preliminary surficial geology data.

Contractor and supervisor details for sample collection
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:(1985/1987) H.R. Schmitt, D.J. Scholtz (GSC) (1984) Marshall Macklin Monaghan, Toronto, Ontario (1983) Wollex Exploration, Calgary, Alberta
Supervisor:E.H.W. Hornbrook, P.W.B Friske (GSC)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:(1984-1988) Golder Associates, Ottawa, Ontario
Supervisor:J.J. Lynch (GSC)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:(1985/1987/1988) Chemex Labs Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia (1987) Bondar-Clegg & Company Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario (1984-1985) Barringer Magenta, Rexdale, Ontario (1983) Acme Analytical Laboratories, Toronto, Ontario (Water 1983/1987) Chemex Labs Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia (Water 1985) Geological Survey of Canada (Water 1984) Barringer Magenta (Alberta), Calgary, Alberta (Water 1988) Bondar-Clegg & Company Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario
Supervisor:J.J. Lynch (GSC)

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