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Open File 1831

Open File:  1831
Previous OF publication(s):  
Province / Territory:  New Brunswick
Funding Source:  Federal and Provincial
Year of Collection:  2002

Survey Type:  Regional Stream Survey
# Lake sites:  0
# Stream sites:  423
Survey Area:  1045 km²
NTS Sheet(s):  021O/9

The regional stream survey for northeastern New Brunswick (NTS 21O/9) was conducted during the summer of 2002.

This report presents analytical and statistical data for 50 variables in stream sediments and up to 57 variables in waters from 423 sites collected at an average density of one sample per 2.5 km².

location map for Open File 1831
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Analytical Data

variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
AluminumICP0.01 pct2002
AntimonyICP0.02 ppm2002
AntimonyINAA0.1 ppm2002
ArsenicINAA0.5 ppm2002
ArsenicICP0.1 ppm2002
BariumINAA50 ppm2002
BariumICP0.5 ppm2002
BismuthICP0.02 ppm2002
BromineINAA0.5 ppm2002
CadmiumICP0.01 ppm2002
CalciumICP0.01 pct2002
CeriumINAA5 ppm2002
CesiumINAA0.5 ppm2002
ChromiumINAA20 ppm2002
ChromiumICP0.5 ppm2002
CobaltINAA5 ppm2002
CobaltICP0.1 ppm2002
CopperICP0.01 ppm2002
EuropiumINAA1 ppm2002
FluorineISE10 ppm2002
GalliumICP0.2 ppm2002
GoldINAA2 ppb2002
HafniumINAA1 ppm2002
IronINAA0.2 pct2002
IronICP0.01 pct2002
LanthanumINAA2 ppm2002
LanthanumICP0.5 ppm2002
LeadICP0.01 ppm2002
Loss-on-ignitionGRAV0.1 pct2002
LutetiumINAA0.2 ppm2002
MagnesiumICP0.01 pct2002
ManganeseICP1 ppm2002
MercuryICP5 ppb2002
MolybdenumICP0.01 ppm2002
NickelICP0.1 ppm2002
PhosphorusICP0.001 pct2002
PotassiumICP0.01 pct2002
RubidiumINAA5 ppm2002
SamariumINAA0.1 ppm2002
ScandiumINAA0.2 ppm2002
ScandiumICP0.1 ppm2002
SeleniumICP0.1 ppm2002
SilverICP2 ppb2002
SodiumINAA0.02 pct2002
SodiumICP0.001 pct2002
StrontiumICP0.5 ppm2002
SulphurICP0.02 pct2002
TantalumINAA0.5 ppm2002
TelluriumICP0.02 ppm2002
TerbiumINAA0.5 ppm2002
ThalliumICP0.02 ppm2002
ThoriumINAA0.2 ppm2002
ThoriumICP0.1 ppm2002
TinSX-AAS1 ppm2002
TitaniumICP0.001 pct2002
TungstenINAA1 ppm2002
TungstenICP0.2 ppm2002
UraniumINAA0.2 ppm2002
UraniumICP0.1 ppm2002
VanadiumICP2 ppm2002
YtterbiumINAA2 ppm2002
ZincICP0.1 ppm2002
variablemethoddetection limityear of analysis
AluminumICP-MS2 ppb2002
AntimonyICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
ArsenicICP-MS0.1 ppb2002
BariumICP-MS0.2 ppb2002
BerylliumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
BoronICP-MS0.5 ppb2002
CadmiumICP-MS0.02 ppb2002
CaesiumICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
CalciumES0.02 ppm2002
CeriumICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
ChlorineIC100 ppb2002
ChromiumICP-MS0.1 ppb2002
CobaltICP-MS0.05 ppb2002
ConductivityISE1 µS/cm2002
CopperICP-MS0.1 ppb2002
DysprosiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
ErbiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
EuropiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
FluorineIC50 ppb2002
GadoliniumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
GalliumICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
GermaniumICP-MS0.02 ppb2002
HolmiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
IronES0.005 ppm2002
LanthanumICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
LeadICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
LithiumICP-MS0.02 ppb2002
LutetiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
MagnesiumES0.005 ppm2002
ManganeseICP-MS0.1 ppb2002
MolybdenumICP-MS0.05 ppb2002
NeodymiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
NickelICP-MS0.2 ppb2002
NiobiumICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
NitrateIC50 ppb2002
PhosphorusES0.05 ppm2002
PotassiumES0.05 ppm2002
PraseodymiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
RheniumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
RubidiumICP-MS0.05 ppb2002
SamariumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
SiliconES0.02 ppm2002
SodiumES0.05 ppm2002
StrontiumICP-MS0.5 ppb2002
SulphateIC50 ppb2002
SulphurES0.05 ppm2002
TelluriumICP-MS0.02 ppb2002
TerbiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
ThalliumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
TinICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
TitaniumICP-MS0.5 ppb2002
TungstenICP-MS0.02 ppb2002
UraniumICP-MS0.05 ppb2002
UraniumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
VanadiumICP-MS0.1 ppb2002
YtterbiumICP-MS0.005 ppb2002
YttriumICP-MS0.01 ppb2002
ZincICP-MS0.5 ppb2002
pHGCM 2002


The Geological Survey of Canada, under the Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI) program, provided financial support. The Geological Surveys Branch of the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources (NB DNR), Minerals and Energy Division, provided financial and logistical support.

Toon Pronk directed the survey, coordinating the Branch field activities of New Brunswick Geological Surveys staff. P.W. Friske undertook quality control of the analytical data and directed the open file preparation.

Contractor and supervisor details for sample collection
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Precise Surveys Ltd., Lyttleton, New Brunswick
Supervisor:Toon Pronk (NBDNR)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Acme Analytical Laboratories, Vancouver, British Columbia
Supervisor:P.W.B. Friske (GSC)
Contractor and supervisor details for sample preparation
CategoryResponsible Party
Contractor:Acme Analytical Laboratories, Vancouver, British Columbia Becquerel Laboratories Inc., Mississauga, Ontario
Supervisor:P.W.B. Friske (GSC)

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