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Quantity: Uranium
Units: ppm

NFLD lake sediment compilation of ~17000 sites.  Total uranium (U) content was determined by neutron activation, delayed neutron counting (NADNC) analysis on 1 gram aliquots of samples at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd., Ottawa(1976-1978, 1981) and at Nuclear Activation Services Ltd., Hamilton (1979-1980).  The samples (with duplicates and control reference materials included incognito) were weighed and encapsulated in the Geochemical Laboratory of the Dept. of Mines and Energy in St. John's.

Determination Limit:0.1  ppm
Upper Determination Limit:
Analytical Precision:
Range ( ppm )Precision ( ppm )
 0.1 - 100   0.1 
 100 - 2500   1 
Analytical Grouping:U | - | -

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